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Blockchain brings the potential of unparalleled accountability to business and our personal lives. Accountability, whether in dealings with trading partners, sellers on the internet, or regulatory accountability; is a cornerstone of good business and often a path to business growth and prosperity. Where there is trust and accountability, there is a richer more beneficial environment for all participants. The excitement caused by blockchain is its ability to bring accountability to areas where previously accountability was thought impossible. In a climate of trust and accountability engendered by blockchain new opportunities may be found, even in domains that have more gradual growth or slower innovation growth rates.

Libraries Of Out-Of-Box Reusable Components

Lokahi comes with sets of Out-Of-Box components. Each component is classified as a “domain level” or “component level”. Domain levels, as the name suggests, are high level components that abstract the underlying technologies and model business concepts and are the primary focus of users of Lokahi.

Domain Components

Domain components are high level abstractions of business concepts. Lokahi contains out-of-box components for several domains including Law, IOT, Data Management, Intellectual Property management, Shipping , Retail, etc

System Components

System components are the building blocks that are used to assemble the domain components. System components allow custom domain components to be assembled quickly to avoid delays in time to market. Lokahi comes with a stock of system components that model Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric, which model basic behaviors including, transfer of ownership, voting, asset tracking, IoT integration, event management, data storage and management etc

Logic Components

Logical components are the lowest level components and are the building blocks for System Components. Logical components are built by Ferdon engineers with specialized knowledge of blockchain and IoT. Logical Components can be thought of as small pieces of logic that is specific to a blockchain.

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